We offer a variety of pastries to tempt even the strongest will power!

Our maple Danish is a favorite for many customers!

We also hand-craft fruit Danish, pecan caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls,

dinner rolls, angel food cake, pretzels,Stroopwafel filled with caramel

or hazelnut spread, brioche pastry with hazelnut filling, pound cake and the

outrageous maple-pecan festive ring. Unfortunately we are only able to ship the Stroopwafel.

 Cinnamon Bread Pound Cake
  Brioche with Nutella
 Coffee Cake
 Pound Cake
 Cherry Danish
 Pecan Cinnamon Rolls
Maple Pecan Festive Ring
Maple Danish
Angel Food Cake
 Peach Pie

 Cherry Nutmeg Muffins